I like to make pots to be used.  It gives me great pleasure to think that they are part of people’s daily lives as they serve and enjoy food in different ways, from a family meal to special occasions.  This for me makes the process complete and creates a mutual message between me the maker and the user and is the essence of my working life.

The making of pots, centering the clay and throwing gives me a great sense of peace and also awe to be using a material that has been in the earth for aeons.  I like the feeling of being part of a continuum of craftsmanship that has been making vessels for thousands of years.

I am attracted to the forms made by the Etruscans, Koreans and the early Bronze Age Cycladic period and these are the pots I mostly draw in museums.  For my own work I prefer to work shapes out by making them first, helped along by exploratory drawings at a later stage and then allowing them to evolve and change over the years.  This makes for a constant voyage of excitement and discovery.